Accommodation support for care experienced young people

What support am I entitled to?

You will want to find the right type of accommodation to live in and we want to find affordable, sustainable and successful housing options for our care experienced young people.

There are many options available including:

  • Supported housing - semi-independent living
  • Independent housing
  • Private accommodation
  • Social housing
  • ‘Staying Put’ - living with your foster family

We will work with you and your Pathway Advisor (PA) to find the most suitable accommodation option for you.

We will support you with:

  • Referrals
  • Tenancy training
  • Financial payments to access accommodation

What is 'Staying Put'?

‘Staying Put’ is a scheme that can help you stay with your foster family beyond the age of 18 if this is the right thing for you. If you feel this is the best option for you, discussions about 'Staying Put' should start when you are around 16.

We believe that where possible, young people should remain in their care placement until they are at least 18. However if you choose to leave care before then we will support you to find suitable accommodation and support.

What other support is available for me?

We can also help you if you are in a housing crisis including helping you if:

  • You are threatened with losing a tenancy
  • You have already lost a tenancy

If you are a Swindon care leaver living in Swindon we can pay your council tax bill up until the age of 21yrs. This should be arranged in discussion with your PA.

We can help you claim Housing Benefit and Universal Credit.

We will provide you with up to £2,000 setting up home grant which can be accessed in discussion with your PA. You will need to work with your PA to look for and purchase furniture and other items you need to make your accommodation a home.

We provide advice and information about keeping a tenancy including regularly paying:

  • Rent
  • Council tax
  • Bills

We will always try to help you build on your independent living skills.

What accommodation support is there for university students in the holidays?

There is a fund available to support university students through their academic holidays (as we are aware student finance doesn’t cover this).This fund is up to £3000 per year you are studying and is to help make sure you have a home to go to during the holidays.

Useful contacts

Swindon Borough Council Housing Department
Tel: 01793 445503

Shelter – offers advice and guidance on housing matter, including advice specific to care leavers.
Free helpline: 0808 800 4444

The Albert Kennedy Trust (akt) – helps young people up to the age of 25 who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Intersex and are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Tel: 020 7831 6562

Gateway Furniture - provide good quality second-hand furniture, domestic appliances and home starter items to help people build a home.
Tel: 01793 683146

Getting in touch

For more information or advice, please contact the Positive Futures Team on 01793 466715 or email

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