See the Adult, See the Child

Multi-agency Practice Guidelines for the Assessment, Support and Case Management of Families.

The purpose:

- To safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people, including young carers, whose lives are affected by parents/carers using drugs/alcohol or by parents/carers with mental health problems, learning disabilities, domestic abuse or other complex problems

- To promote effective communication between adult drugs/alcohol, mental health, learning disability, primary health care, other services and Children's Services

- To set out good practice for the services involved to enable working together in the assessment and care planning for families with problematic substance use, mental health, learning disability or other complex problems and to ensure their full participation in the process wherever possible. 

The protocol sets out a framework of good practice for professionals and managers at all levels when working together with these vulnerable families and is consistent with the Swindon Local Safeguarding Children Board and Swindon Local Safeguarding Adults Board procedures.

N.B. For the purposes of this protocol the term 'parent' refers both to biological parents and parent figures, (stepfathers, carers, cohabitees etc). However it is noted that reference to parental responsibility always needs to be made. The term ‘children’ refers to those aged 0-18 years of age. The needs of unborn babies must also be considered. See SWCPP Unborn Baby Protocol.