Telecare equipment

What is it?

Telecare equipment is linked to a telephone alarm unit which, when activated, automatically generates an alarm call to a monitoring centre so that an emergency response can be raised whatever the time of day.

Other detectors can also give you early warning indication of leaking gas, smoke, extreme heat, flood, a seizure or a fall, if someone has left the property or managed to get in or out of bed safely.

Web based systems are also widely used to help reassure remote carers that the person is safe, and help to have a fuller picture of the person's needs as part of the assessment.

Who can get Telecare?

Telecare is available to anyone 18 or over with a long term illness, sight or hearing loss or a physical or learning disability, or physical frailty due to age. Like most equipment it will be suitable for some and not for others, depending on a range of factors from the home environment to the person's needs and illnesses. It is also useful for people with dementia, at high risk of falling or having just come out of hospital. It is of particular value to those living alone who wish to remain living independently in their own home.

Before you receive this service we do need to make an assessment of how great the risks are and what sort of help you need.

After the assessment, we will identify and agree your needs with you and discuss the help and support available to meet them, according to the seriousness of your situation. Telecare may be one of a range of suggestions to help you meet your needs.

If you meet the Adult Social Care criteria as part of your assessment you will be offered the loan of suitable Telecare equipment and there may be a charge. If you do not meet the criteria you may be able to purchase, or apply for a third party loan, on equipment from a monitoring centre. 

How much does it cost?

For details of costs, please visit the Swindon Borough Council - Homeline page.

How to get in touch

The Adult Social Care team are the first point of contact for all referrals and general enquiries relating to adult social care and support.