Help to stay at home

What's available?

In Swindon, we have a wide range of providers who can help you live in your home for longer, in the way that you want. They can help with all sorts of daily living needs both at home and out and about in the community.

Details of providers in Swindon

You can visit the online services directory for more information about personal care and support providers who can help you to live at home, wherever you live in the borough:

Personal care providers

Perhaps you need help of a more personal nature such as help to get up, get dressed, and in the bathroom. Personal care providers offer this kind of care. Many personal care providers can offer other types of support as well. All personal care providers must be regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Support providers

If what you need is help with tasks around the house such as getting meals, doing the laundry or the shopping then a support provider should be able to help. They can also help you to get out and about in your local community and do the things that are important to you. They can help with learning new skills or refreshing old ones.

Choosing the right provider for you

If you pay for your own services, or have a Direct Payment, you can choose any personal care or support provider.

If the Council looks after the funding of your care, this is a 'managed budget'. You can still choose which provider you want, but only from the list of providers who have a contract with Swindon Borough Council.

Personal assistants

Alternatively, you may want even more choice and control about who supports you. You may wish to think about employing a personal assistant, to ensure that your needs are met in the way that is right for you. A Direct Payment can give you the freedom to employ someone directly. We can help and support you with this option. More information on personal budgets and direct payments 

Supported living

We also offer support for people with learning disabilities and older people with dementia to live in their own homes. This support means that providers can also offer personal care for those that need it, in addition to the more typical support of helping you manage your money or accommodation, learn new life skills, or access health and employment services. Visit the supported living page for more information on this sort of provider.