Getting support

To maintain a healthy weight, you need to make lasting changes to your lifestyle – and getting support will help keep you motivated.

Sometimes the best support is close to home, like a relative, partner or friend at work. Spell out to them exactly how you need their help. For example:

  • Not eating high-calorie snacks when you're around or tempting you by bringing take-aways or chocolate into the house
  • Offering to stay with the children so you can do an exercise class or swimming session 
  • Helping you pick yourself up when things go a bit wrong or 
  • Joining you in your regular walking

Many people like the social support they get from joining a local slimming group or club. Knowing you are not alone in your attempt to lose weight can be a comfort and an inspiration. There are many different groups and clubs on your doorstep - self-help groups, evening classes and sports or leisure clubs.

Help from your doctor

Your GP may offer a step-wise approach but it depends on how overweight you are and how much it is affecting your health.

1. Your doctor or practice nurse may be able to give you professional help with your eating and activity plans. Or, they may recommend someone else like a health adviser or lifestyle coach, or refer you to a registered exercise specialist.

2. Your doctor may refer you to a registered dietician who will be able to advise you about nutrition, motivation and weight management.

3. In some cases, your doctor may think that medication would help you lose weight and they will advise whether this is right for you. However, you will have to be able to show your doctor that you have already tried to make some lifestyle changes. Changes to your diet and activity are necessary for the medication to be successful in the long term.

4. In exceptional cases, and if you have tried all other approaches, surgery may be an option for you. Your GP will advise you whether this is right for you.

For more information on steps to health, visit the following page on the Swindon Borough Council website: