This website is now speech-enabled, which means that you can download free software onto your computer that lets you 'listen' to the web pages instead of reading them.

The free software is called BrowseAloud and many websites use it so that people who have problems reading the information provided on the web pages can still get the information they need. It is used by people who are not able to read text online easily, perhaps due to problems with their eyesight or because they have learning disabilities, or by people for whom English is not their first language.

How it works

BrowseAloud is a Windows Browser plug-in designed for use with Internet Explorer 4 upwards or Netscape Navigator. If you install the BrowseAloud plug-in onto your computer then the web pages can be read out loud to you.

How to download BrowseAloud

When you follow the link below you will be taken to another website where you will find full instructions on how to download and install the software. A BrowseAloud icon will then be placed in your system tray which is at the bottom right of your browser.

You can then open BrowseAloud by double clicking the icon. You will find that you can update BrowseAloud and customise it to suit you. It even lets you choose from a list of voices and change the way you hear them by altering the pitch and speed.