Information, advice and advocacy

Whether you are an adult or a carer with care and support needs, information about available services is essential to help you make the right choices.

Information and advice

The Care Act says that local councils must provide information and advice about care and support for everyone, regardless of whether or not they have eligible care needs. Through the Local Offer website Swindon Borough Council will ensure that such information is easily accessible. You might need information and advice if:

  • You want to find out what activities are in your area to help you stay well, keep active and get involved in your local community
  • You, a relative or a friend need care and support and you want to find out what is available
  • You want to know about the cost of care, whether you might need to pay or contribute towards this and to help you plan for the future
  • You are worried that someone is at risk of abuse or neglect

To access our comprehensive guidance visit:

Information and guidance for adults and carers

To see what services are available to help you with your care and support needs visit the: 

Service Providers section


For adults who have difficulty understanding the information and choices available, and where there is no one else to represent them, we can help find an independent advocate (a representative) to help them understand their rights and the choices that they have. Advocates support you to make your own decisions and can be involved in discussions about your care and support. An advocate can help you to speak up, or they might speak up on your behalf if you need them to. 

Someone to speak on my behalf (advocacy)

Advice and support walk-in centre

If you would prefer to speak someone in person about your options, you can visit our advice and support walk-in centre at Sanford House in Swindon.