Care and support planning

If your needs cannot be met through information and advice or short term support, the care and support planning process can help you to think about how your aspirations can be fulfilled.

What does the Care Act say about care and support planning?

  • If you are an adult with eligible care and support needs and the Council is going to meet them, we must prepare a care and support plan
  • We will also help you with your plan if you are a self-funding adult who has requested that we arrange care and support on your behalf
  • We will involve the adult for whom the plan is being prepared, any carer the adult has and any other person the adult would like to be involved
  • We will take all reasonable steps to protect the moveable property of an adult with care and support needs in cases where the adult cannot make their own arrangements
  • We will confirm if any of the needs will be met by a direct payments and can help you decide how to have your needs met

Who is entitled to a care and support plan?

If you are eligible for care and support we will prepare a care and support plan. This is applicable if the Council is funding the support or if you are self-funding and have requested that we arrange care on your behalf. We will advise if any of the needs will be met by a direct payment and will help you decide how best to have your needs met. 

A care and support plan for an adult or a carer follows a needs assessment and the determination of eligibility.