Short stay in a residential home

What is available?

There are many different types of residential homes in Swindon where a number of people live together, looked after by care staff 24 hours a day. They are independently run by a variety of private and not-for-profit organisations.
All registered residential care homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission so if you are looking for a home yourself visit their website at where you will find general information and copies of inspection reports.

Who can go into a residential home?

Residential homes are for people over the age of 18 who live in Swindon and who are no longer able to remain living independently at home due to frailty or illness, physical or learning disabilities, sight or hearing loss. In certain circumstances, short term places are also available for people recovering from a hospital stay or illness, or to give the person who cares for them a break from their caring responsibilities, and where your needs cannot be met in the community.
If you need financial support from the Council to enable you to move into a residential home, we will carry out an assessment to work out just how much, and what type of care you need.

What is an assessment?

If, following the assessment, we agree that a residential home is the best place for you to live, we can then advise which ones may best meet your needs and also tell you whether they have any vacancies. If you are looking for a residential home in Swindon, we can help you to find one in an area near to your own home or close to family and friends. We will encourage you, or your relatives or carer, to visit the home to see if you would be happy there and to ask any questions you may want answering.

Questions to ask

Can I choose my own home?

Yes if you don't need financial support from the Council, or you just want to see what is available, you can browse our online MarketPlace. Follow the link below to visit our online MarketPlace where you will find details of organisations that offer this type of service.

Find a residential home

What are the different types of home?

Choosing the right provider for you

If you pay for your own services, or have a Direct Payment, you can choose any care or support provider. If the Council looks after the funding of your care, this is a 'managed budget'. You can still choose which provider you want, but only from the list of providers who have a contract with Swindon Borough Council.

How much does it cost?

The costs of residential homes vary, often dependent on the facilities or the type and level of support you need.

Can I get help with the cost?

It is possible. If you want us to arrange a place in a residential home for you, and need financial support from us to help pay for it, then we will help you fill out a financial assessment form to see if you qualify for financial help. To get a rough idea of costs you can carry out a quick, confidential financial self assessment online.

How much will I pay for residential care?

How to get in touch

The Adult Social Care team are the first point of contact for all referrals and general enquiries relating to adult social care and support.

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