Whatever your background, work experience, gender or age, you will have a skill that someone needs. No matter how busy you are there will be something that you can do.

Nearly half the adults in the country volunteer. The reasons they give for volunteering include:

    • Making a difference and a feeling of satisfaction
    • Having fun
    • Improving their CV
    • Making new friends
    • Keeping involved in sport
    • Ongoing support to children

and many more...

Volunteering in Swindon

In Swindon there are lots of opportunities to volunteer and there are lots of different ways you can find a role that's right for you.

Do-it is a national website where you can search for volunteering opportunities locally. If you know which cause or charity you'd like to support, you can approach them directly by registering on their website. Alternatively you can speak to one of the team at the Volunteer Centre by calling 01793 420557 or by emailing info@swindonvolunteers.org.uk

For further information about volunteering you can also visit the volunteering opportunities page on the Council website.

Local press or magazines such as the Swindon Advertiser or Link Magazine are good sources of information featuring stories about local groups looking for volunteers. You could also pop into your local community centre, leisure centre, library, parish council and Voluntary Action Swindon to look at the notice boards. Voluntary Action Swindon work closely with charities, sports clubs, residents associations, community groups and other clubs and organisations who are often looking for people to help out, either on a regular or one-off basis.

If you are an organisation who wants to help in any aspect of managing volunteers, the Volunteer Centre will give you help and assistance.

Employee volunteering in Swindon

Many businesses give their employees time during working hours to volunteer. If you are an employee it's worth checking if your employer supports this. Involve Swindon is a local network of businesses, statutory bodies and voluntary organisations that support and promote employee volunteering. Each month, Involve produce employee volunteering opportunities so if your employer is part of this they will already have some opportunities for you to look at. If not, encourage them to get in touch with Involve. 

Useful contact

Volunteer Swindon
Email: volunteer@swindon.gov.uk

There are many ways to volunteer depending on how much time you can spare. Full-time, part-time and evening volunteering are offered by various organisations.