Support in the community

If more specialist help is needed then you may be put in touch with the local Community Mental Health services.

Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust community mental health teams provide a range of care options for people who are experiencing complex mental health problems.

The Trust's Primary Care Liaison team (PCL) work closely with GPs and other health and social care professionals to provide support, advice and guidance to primary care around all aspects of mental health care. Following a request from the health and social care professional, a triage of the information is undertaken and advice / guidance may be given around the initial management of presenting the mental health need with primary care, or there may be a requirement for the PCL team to undertake a face to face assessment.

Following this assessment people will either be signposted to local statutory or third sector organisations who can provide ongoing advice or support, or where the assessment indicates a significant mental health illness which requires care co-ordination under the care programme approach, you will be referred onto one of the local specialist mental health teams based upon the presenting needs of the individual.

The specialist community teams are:

Early Intervention - The Early Intervention for Psychosis Team specialises in working with people between the ages 14 and 35 in early stages of psychosis along with their families

Recovery Team - This is the main service to provide care, treatment and support for service users who have been recommended for further help after assessment from the Primary Care Liaison Service (PCLS)

Complex Intervention and Treatment Team (CIT) - Provide specialist secondary care dementia care services and specialist mental health interventions relating to issues associated with later life

Intensive Service - If you experience a severe mental health crisis the team can provide acute care at home as a possible alternative to hospital admission

These specialist community mental health teams are able to offer support in your home and the community, and the teams offer a range of staff including consultant psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, social workers, clinical psychologists, community support workers and occupational therapists.

Who may become involved in your care?

As everyone has different needs, what we offer will vary from person to person. However, the general areas which we offer support in include:

Medical recovery

  • Education about your medication
  • Support to treat your illness
  • Enabling better health and wellbeing
  • Family work
  • Skills to manage your ongoing symptoms and illness

Social recovery

  • Maintaining and building relationships
  • Life skills and budgeting
  • Housing related support
  • Accessing training / education
  • Help to increase social inclusion and leisure opportunities
  • Carer support

Personal recovery

  • Relapse prevention work
  • Wrap planning
  • Motivational work
  • Support to maintain independence

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The community teams are based at the following locations:

Primary Care Liaison & Intensive Teams
Address: Sandalwood Court, Highworth Road, Swindon SN3 4WF

Early Intervention & Recovery Teams
Address: Chatsworth House, 6 Bath Road, Swindon SN1 4BP

Complex Intervention & Treatment Team
Address: Victoria Centre, 53 Downs Way, Swindon SN3 6BW