Day centres

Day centres are often run by local community and voluntary organisations. They offer a range of activities, a chance to socialise and a hot meal.

What is a day centre?

Day centres provide a range of activities, a chance to socialise and meet friends and a hot meal for people over 65. They are usually open all day and staff and volunteers organise different activities to suit and entertain the people who go there. These can include board games, bingo sessions, guest speakers on topics of interest, craft activities, entertainment, exercise classes, day trips and much more. Light snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon and a hot meal at lunchtime.

Which is the best one for me?

Follow the link below to see a list of some of the bigger day centres and clubs in the area. Or visit your local library to find details of others in your area run by community or voluntary groups. 

Day care and day centres

The charges vary but none aim to make a profit. In addition to the cost of any meals provided, many charge a small amount for coffee and tea as well as holding raffles to help out with the cost of entertainment, parties, or special occasions during the year.

How can I get there?

We encourage you to arrange your own transport. If you find it difficult to use public transport there are other ways of getting there. For more information visit the transport page.