Activities and clubs

The Borough has clubs which are mostly run by local community and voluntary organisations. They offer the chance to socialise and try new activities.

What is an activity group or club?

Clubs and activity groups provide a chance to socialise and meet friends while experiencing new things that may interest you. Usually they operate from a community building in your area for just a few hours on specific days. They provide a place to go to enjoy the company of others, where you may find a new hobby. They also provide the opportunity to get out and about rather than staying in, and socialise with others. All members of the community are welcome and the clubs try hard to cater for everybody's different needs.

Which is the best one for me?

Follow the link below to see a list of some of the clubs and activity groups in the area. Or visit your local library to find details of others in your area run by community or voluntary groups. It is always worthwhile calling the organiser if you have specific needs to make sure these can be accommodated.

How much does it cost to go there?

The charges vary but clubs and activity groups do not always aim to make a profit. In addition to the cost of any meals or refreshments provided, some hold raffles to help out with the cost of entertainment, parties, or special occasions during the year.

How can I get there?

We encourage you to arrange your own transport. If you find it difficult to use public transport there are other ways of getting there. Follow the link below for more information.