Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is a popular choice for many people with a variety of housing needs.

Anyone over the age of 55 can apply for sheltered housing whether you rent or own your home. If you receive disability living allowance, you can register for sheltered housing from the age of 50.

To make life easier, the Council shares its waiting list with other registered housing associations giving you access to over 50 schemes throughout the Swindon area.

What sheltered housing provides

Although each scheme is slightly different, within the majority of schemes you will find:

  • Individual self-contained flats, bungalows or studio flats
  • Carpeted and lit internal corridors
  • Fully furnished communal lounges
  • The services of a resident sheltered housing officer or visiting scheme manager
  • Guest rooms for visitors
  • Regular coffee mornings and social activities
  • Economical central heating systems
  • Communal laundries
  • High level of fire protection and security
  • 24-hour emergency alarm cover

Further information on sheltered housing in Swindon including a residents handbook and online application form.