Training and learning opportunities for carers

Many carers find that having an activity outside of caring is essential to their own wellbeing. It gives them a break from the demands of caring and helps boost their self esteem.

That is why we support carers by providing information on a range of training courses designed to help with the caring role, or provide a welcome break through learning something completely different.

How can I access training and learning?

As part of your carer's assessment, your assessor may identify a need in one of the above areas. For example, you may have transport difficulties, or need a break from your caring role. You might wish to start a new hobby to give you time to yourself, or would benefit from some driving lessons to enable you to get to the shops. You could even access specific training courses to help you in your caring role, such as moving and handling, first aid or dementia.

Carers registered with Swindon Carers Centre can access a wide range of caring related courses: e.g. first aid, Coping with Caring, and leisure courses like yoga, pilates and flower arranging.

For more information on courses and other activities visit the Swindon Carers: What’s on page.

Lifelong learning

If you are looking to change your career, move into employment, learn new skills or meet new people, taking a learning course is a step in the right direction. A range of courses are available across Swindon, from health and beauty, to art and crafts, to photography. A large number of the courses are free!

Lifelong Learning: Swindon Carers Centre and the carers support scheme may be able to help access funding for courses. 

Useful contact

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