Support in the workplace for carers

As somebody combining a caring role with paid employment you are likely to need support in the workplace, at different times and on a number of different levels.

It may be that you need access to a telephone to check on the person you care for, or to arrange leave to fit in with someone coming out of hospital. The good news is, that carers do have statutory rights, and more and more employers are coming to realise the benefits of supporting carers.

The Work and Families Legislation gives carers important rights in the workplace, and there is a formal procedure for both employees and employers to follow, which details the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

If you think you could benefit from arrangements such as flexible working, special leave options, compressed hours, term-time working and much more, speak to your employer about the options available to you.

For more information on your rights as a working carer, please go to: NHS Choices Support for Carers

Working with employers

Swindon Carers Centre is working together with local employers to make a difference. If you would like more information on how we can help you support carers in your workplace, please contact:

Judy Evans, Partnerships Manager 
Tel: 01793 975319 

Or visit the Swindon Carers Centre Partnerships page for more more information.