Short breaks in your home or in the community

Many providers of short breaks for carer's are available, from a simple 'sitting type' service carried out in your own home for a few hours (to allow you for example to do the shopping), to specialised personal care for either a short or a longer period of time.

Who is a short break for?

As a carer, it is vital that you look after yourself and one of the ways you can do this is by having some time away from your caring role. This might be just an hour or so to go shopping or visit a friend, or might be for a longer period such as a weekend away. There are many options available to enable you to do this.

What is a short break?

The short break is designed for you, the carer, and can put in place appropriate and tailored care for the person you care for while you have some time to yourself. For a short period, the care might be as simple as someone keeping your loved one company in their own home while you are out, or may involve going out and taking part in activities that they enjoy. For longer periods the care worker can stay in your home. Of course, the level of care required will depend on the individual person's own needs.

How can I access a short break?

As a carer you are entitled to a Carer's Assessment, which looks at your caring role and the impact it has on you personally. As part of this assessment, a need may be identified for you to have some time away from your caring role. Your assessor will go through the options available to you to help you access a short break.

What is a Carer's Assessment?

The person you care for is also entitled to an assessment of their needs if they need help and support to live their daily life. If a Carer's Assessment is completed via Swindon Carers Centre, and a need for a statutory service for the carer or cared for person is identified, we will advise you further.

What is an assessment?

How much will it cost?

There is a charge for short breaks and this will depend on your circumstances and those of the person you care for and the level of support required. You may also be eligible for a Carer's Direct Payment to help towards the cost.